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Some Kind Of Wonderful - The scriptA movie script will go through many re-writes and updates both before and during production, and it is often interesting to see how a movie was originally envisaged, and how it evolved over time.

For the purposes of review on this site, we were keen to obtain an early script of this movie.  There was little point in us obtaining a final draft, or shooting script, as this would basically be how the movie appeared.  Our interest here was to see how the movie was originally invisioned by John Hughes.

When researching information for this site, we found a recurring theme on message boards, and newsgroups from interested fans trying to find an original script for this movie, and having difficulty.  We had the same difficulty, copies of this script were not easy to find. 

Fortunately, we eventually came across a copy dated July 1, 1986 with revisions in August.

As this script was rather difficult to obtain, and is a very interesting read, we have kindly scanned, converted to text, and provided in a PDF, the entire script.

You are free to download, distribute, and use it for your own educational purposes.

  "Some Kind of Wonderful" script (1 July 1986 - Rev. August 1986) (PDF, 237KB).

Occasionally, especially with older scripts, you do find that some pages of the script are missing for whatever reason.  This commonly occurs on pages that have been added during later drafts or pages containing revisions.  Unfortunately, this was true of our copy, and you guessed it, they were all pages with revisions.  Fortunately, it was only three pages, and we have been able to recreate most of the dialogue using text from the novel (these are the pages in red text).  It will be close, but won't be 100% accurate.

If you happen to own a full copy of this script, or even an alternative version such as a shooting script or later draft, and would be willing to help provide us with a copy, we would be very grateful.  The main purpose of this site is to preserve and catalogue as much information about the movie as possible.

Update: We have now sourced two and a half of the three missing pages.  Naturally, we are still hoping to get this script 100% accurate.  So, if you happen to own a copy of the script that contains revised page 79C, please contact us.

Re-written scenes

Scenes that have been re-written after this script was drafted.

43 - 50: The initial gas station scene

Whilst it has been significantly re-written, the basis of the scene does remain (to establish that Keith is attracted to Amanda, and that Watts is jealous).  The original version has Watts asking Keith about Amanda, whereas in the movie, it is Keith who initially raises the subject.

170 - 175: The restaurant scene

A significantly different scene, different location, and different atmosphere.  Some of the dialogue carries over to the movie version, where it makes more sense, and is notably truncated.  No Watts playing craps with the car parkers either.

179 - 180: The drive to the art museum

Noticeably absent here is Watts' attempt to smear Amanda's lipstick by applying the Jaguar's brakes, and the infamous line from Watts to Amanda "Break his heart, I break your face".

199 - 208: Hardy's party

The re-write of this scene is rather well documented, mainly because the novel contains the original version (Duncan and his gang don't show up in the original).  Perhaps not so well documented is the fact that both versions of this scene appear to have been shot.  You can view the error and trivia pages for more information.

The reason for the re-write is obvious, it does make a better movie.  Keith's line to Hardy "You want the truth? The plain truth? You're over" remains in the movie version, which isn't said in the same context, given the script change.

Omitted scenes

Significant scenes appearing in this script, but have been omitted from the movie.

30D: Duncan's confrontation with Cliff

A short scene between Cliff's meeting with the counsellor, and Laura's scream.  Duncan is attempting to break into a locker, when Cliff approaches, causing him to stop.  Following is some rather un-Duncan-like dialogue.  As with Laura's scream, this scene is basically comic relief.

A61A - A61D: Amanda's house

A scene simply to reinforce Keith's interest in Amanda.

66: Watts' proposal

A scene with a short section of dialogue where Watts asks Keith if his interest in Amanda has anything to do with sex, and offers her services, as it were.  It would have been interesting to see this one in the movie, if only to see how Masterson and Stoltz played it.

102 - 104: Girls' gym

A short scene that reinforces Keith's avoidance of Watts, shortly before the viewer is shown the scene in the night club.

105 - 106: Shayne's house

A frank lecture from Shayne to Amanda telling her what the 'in crowd' is actually like, for someone on the fringe of acceptance.

119: School quad

Interestingly, the writer has left the original version of this scene in the script, along side the alternative 119A version.  A truncated version of 119A appears in the movie.

122A - 122B: Duncan at the gas station

Duncan arrives at the gas station where he asks Keith if he can assist him with regard to the date in some way.

129 - 138: Watts tailing Amanda and Shayne at the mall

Watts follows Amanda and Shayne as they browse for clothes, presumably Watts is looking at what to buy.

During the date scenes in this script, Watts wears clothes which are "more true to her biological status", not the Chauffeur's outfit we see in the movie.  Given this and later script changes (such as Amanda being ignored by her friends in the quad), it's not suprising this scene was omitted.  In the movie, this scene is replaced by the jewellery store scene.

Dialogue changes

Scenes that appear in this script and the movie, but have had substantial dialogue changes, or truncations after this script was drafted.  The basis of the dialogue in the scene remains, so they can't be considered re-writes.

100: Hardy's invitation

A section of dialogue in the middle of the scene has been removed, and the ending has been changed.

This is also where we get the "You want the plain truth?" reference to Keith's statement at the party scene.  Much like Laura's "Am I wrong?" line during the Sunday breakfast scene, both of these initial references are missing from the movie.

165: Cliff's money talk

The original script version is a little more mellow than the version seen in the movie.  A small section of dialogue has been removed (or edited out), and the last section of dialogue between Cliff and Keith re-written.  No "ape shit" line from Laura either.

191: Hollywood Bowl

In the movie, a substantial amount of dialogue has been cut from this scene, which results in a rather disjointed (and at times meaningless) exchange between Amanda and Keith.

212 - 213: Final kissing scene

The major change here is the use of Watts' first name (Susan).  The movie has Keith shouting "Watts!", and the viewer is never aware of her first name.  Also noticeable is the extended dialogue after the final line in the movie.

Added scenes

Scenes that were added after this script was drafted.

Amanda's emotional scene after the quad

No doubt this scene was added to reinforce Amanda's now imminent isolation from the 'in crowd'.

In the original script, the quad scene (where Keith asks Amanda what time she wants to be picked up, which leads to Amanda being ignored by her friends), then carries forward to the locker room scene with Hardy.  In the movie, the locker room scene has been moved to earlier on in the movie, after the night club scene.

Jewellery store

A short scene where we see Keith asking Watts her opinion of the earrings he is contemplating purchasing.  She persuades him to buy the other pair.

Given the later script changes it was not inconceivable to add such a scene, which if anything, reinforces the dialogue during the final scene.
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