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Some Kind Of Wonderful - Press kitA press kit, as the name suggests, is produced for the media by the film studio's publicity department.  It provides background information about the movie, the cast, and the filmmakers.  As well as helping to publicise the film.

Press kits generally contain a short synopsis of the movie, filming time frame, shooting locations, biographies of the cast and filmmakers (writer, director, producers), and the occassional piece of trivia.  They will also include a selection of publicity photos for use in newspaper and magazine articles, reviews, etc.

The press kit for contains two sections.  The first section is a 20 page "Handbook of Production Information", which is divided into three parts: Production Notes, The Cast, and The Filmmakers.

The second section contains a number of black and white publicity photos.  Most of which are scenes from the film, or head shots of the cast members.

As complete press kits are rather difficult to obtain nowadays, we have scanned, converted to text, and provided in a PDF, the three part "Handbook of Production Information".

You are free to download, distribute, and use it for your own educational purposes.

  "Some Kind of Wonderful" Handbook of Production Information (PDF, 247KB).

Of the three sections in the "Handbook of Production Information", the section entitled "Production Notes" contains the most information about the movie itself.  It also includes text from interviews with the cast and filmmakers.

Press kit publicity photos

We have scanned, and provided in gallery form, the selection of black and white publicity photos that are included with the press kit.  Also included are the somewhat cheesy, and sometimes incorrect captions that accompany each individual photo.

Click on a thumbnail for an enlarged image and the accompanying caption.

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